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Hair & Makeup Tips Island Style

When it comes to crafting the perfect wedding day, every detail matters. Finding a wedding dress of your dreams, picking the most beautiful location, flowers  – you get the idea. If yours is going to be a destination wedding, it’s worth considering certain aspects that might be location-specific. Especially for a beach wedding. Wearing heels in the sand might not be the best idea (flats, wedges or a shoe with a thicker heel work better), and a shorter veil would be better than getting tangled in a church-length veil. Let’s not forget about hair and makeup. While it is every bride’s personal preference and style, here are our top tips for hair and makeup island style for your intimate Maui beach wedding.

Best Hairstyles for a Beach Wedding

If a wedding is not the perfect occasion for playing with gorgeous hairstyles and, quite literally, wearing flowers in your hair, we don’t know what is. Every bride has her style and preferences. Whether rocking a short bob or long wavy locks, blond or a brunette, thick hair or fine, we all want that unforgettable ‘do that enhances our natural charm.

When getting married on a beach, there are a few factors you need to consider – wind and humidity above all. What we most love about beach weddings is the ease and being in touch with your surroundings, and that’s what we’ve tried to incorporate in our favorite hairstyle picks for an island wedding.

Curls & Waves

Beach waves in your hair aren’t just for everyday wear. If there is one place to fully embrace them, it’s on an island wedding, for sure. Waves or curls look stunning on almost anyone, and they work not only in long hair but even in a longer bob. They will naturally look good in a light breeze, and you won’t have to worry about a misplaced hair – it’s part of the look. Refined curls and waves also look beautiful with a haku lei, if you’re going for the ultimate Maui wedding look. For brides with longer hair, a side twist will not only look great but will also serve a purpose by keeping hair from your face on a particularly windy day.


Let’s be honest, ladies. Most of us don’t wear braids every day. Unless you’re a pro, a gorgeous braid does take a bit of time, and there are only so many hours in a day. However, a braid is one of our top choices for an island wedding hairstyle for sure. It looks elegant, perfect for an occasion, and there are so many different ways it can be done. A braided updo will beautifully enhance your face and contours, as well as the neckline which would look stunning with a strapless dress. A dutch halo braid is ideal if your long hair struggles with humidity. If you like braids but want something seemingly effortless and boho-chic, opt for a fishtail braid. Any braided hairstyle will help with managing locks in the wind and will look lovely with a flower accent or a hair accessory.

Low Bun

If you prefer a more sleek hairstyle but don’t want to look out of place on the beach, a low bun is your go-to pick. Classy and tamed on the top, with a traditional, twisted, or even braided bun on the back and loose curls framing your face. This hairstyle is great if you want to wear a veil.

Wedding Makeup Island Style

We’ve covered hair, so what about makeup? Again, every bride has her style. Feeling comfortable is the most important thing on the most beautiful day in your life. It’s essential that you communicate any ideas and preferences to your makeup artist. Intimate beach weddings are our specialty, and we have a couple of recommendations for the perfect beach wedding makeup look.

Firstly, you should consider the weather. Wind and humidity can play a part, and on top of that, shedding a tear of happiness is not impossible, which is why we always suggest waterproof mascara. It is long-wearing and will protect your overall makeup look from watery eyes due to possible wind or crying.

Secondly, romantic and subtle makeup will always look better on a beach wedding than a heavy and dark smokey eye fit for an evening event indoors. You can still recreate your favorite smokey eye look with lighter eyeshadow shades – that will enhance the shape of your eye without being overwhelming. And thin layers are what you want. A long-wearing and high-coverage foundation will ensure your makeup lasts, and applying it in a thin layer will allow you to look natural. You are outdoors, after all, so embrace the dewy look – it’s all about soft tones and textures, and radiant skin.

Above all, nothing makes you look better than happiness and being in love. Embrace it, and anything else will just be the icing on the cake.


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